Welcome To My New Blog

Hi everyone, it's Michaela and this is something new for me. Starting a Blog! I have been wanting to start one ever since I was young but never put the effort or energy into it. In this blog I hope to speak on my life,photography and even fashion at times. I hope everyone will enjoy my post, however they won't be on a daily maybe a weekly or every other week. Tilted life describes me, it is what I live by, to live a tilted life means to be different and I use this name because it describes me well. I see my life as never following the basic straight line that everyone else seems to follow, with my faith and my background it has changed my life and set me apart from others. "Tilted Life" also points to myself when I am taking pictures it is a gesture I use to get certain angels in my photographs, which is why I named my page and my brand "Tilted Living Visuals" It's a LIFESTYLE!